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Better Believe It

Introducing The 251s

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Hello! We are a South Essex-based five-piece band, and bring together a collective love of blues, jazz and swing - and everything in between, from over 40 years of avid playing, watching and listening.
We believe in delivering a memorable and fun experience to discerning venues, promotors and their audiences. Delivering an eclectic mix of Blues, Jazz and Swing favourites, we draw on our sound experience of knowing what it takes to entertain, engage and excite.
Russ Cottee
Russ Cottee.png
Roy Webber
Drums / Vocals
Roy Webber.png
Cliff Macdonald
Upright Bass / Backing Vocals
Cliff Macdonald.png
Steve Tolton
Harmonica / Lead Vocals
Steve Tolton.png
Graham West
Saxophones / Backing Vocals
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CD's & Downloads

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Staying Home

Hit The Road JackThe 251s
00:00 / 04:08
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Bout' Time!

JacquelineThe 251s
00:00 / 05:17

United Kingdom

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